One of the major problems the CBS Fantasy Sports app and desktop site had was it's unappealing grey gloomy look and feel. I always compared it to a "Cloudy Day". I worked tirelessly to get a very old team to realize how far behind we were getting. It took 2 years but I was finally able to convince them that we needed to head in a different direction. This was the optimal design. Much of it's spirit was implemented.
Research and Testing

Methods used:
Interviews, diaries, card-sorting, one on one interviews, click tracking, customer feedback

Conclusions : 
Our users were typically middle to older in age. 39+
They found the app to be clunky and not particularly exciting. 
They did not feel better or worse while using the app. 
The word clunky was used often to describe the interactions

Execution based on findings : 
Implemented an exciting and electric color scheme to increase engagement and pleasure while using the apps and site. 

Surfaced even more of the relevant information that the users wanted while still making the other information available to our hardcore users. 

Accounted for outliers but no longer prioritized them within the main user flows. 

Added animations to micro-interactions to increase delight while using the products. This was to combat the "clunky" description that was so prevalent.

Implemented even more robust tracking and analytics on the products to help us continue to improve. Much of the data that I hoped we would have access to was not even built into the app or site yet.
Main Screen Components Testing : 
League Home Restructure

Before determining the order in which to display information to users on the main screen and feed (League Home) we wanted to guage what our users found the most important.

We did this through in-person card sorting interviews. We asked our subjects to order the features that were most important to them from top to bottom. 

There were no features that stood out so ultimately this feature was integrated into individual features.

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